Behrens - Environmental Policy

The relationships that we have with our vendors ensures that we control and maintain quality assurance standards for all products. Factory audits and site assessments can be conducted to meet customer specific requirements.

Product testing is carried out at an independent accredited laboratories so that customers can receive the professional assurance and reporting expected.
The business operates under ISO 9001:2008 procedures and is also registered with the Oeko-tex standard.
environmental policy…

Our strategic objective is to provide a coherent framework of good environmental practice within our operations. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is documented, implemented and maintained and communicated to all employees. Where we are operating with clients and suppliers we will work with their Environmental Management Representative in achieving shared goals and objectives in line with the clients own systems.

The Behrens Group pledges to operate the ISO-14001 EMS to further enhance environmental performance. Our main operational objectives and commitments are to:

  • Understand our legal obligations and ensure compliance.
  • Design and implement EMS’s to enable the reduction, reuse and recycling of general waste and packaging materials.
  • Help our clients/suppliers to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy waste.
  • Take all measures to prevent pollution.
  • We are committed to the process of continual improvement.
  • We are committed to meet or exceed relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements. This policy will be communicated to all parties interested in the performance of our EMS.
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