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Behrens England 1834® brand is our global market brand. We are proud to have launched this range into the US and Canadian markets with our licence partners Rio Home Fashions. Working closely with them we have created an innovative and quintessentially English range of products with the focus on our heritage and textiles pedigree. Outstanding product quality and close attention to detail have ensured that we will build on our initial success. Please use the contact detail option provided to get in touch with Rio Home Fashions directly for more information. The range consists of a selection of Pillows, Duvets, Mattress Toppers & Protectors and Mattresses. Also due to be launched at the New York 2014 Autumn Market week are two brand new range categories. The Kensington manor range which reflects premium quality with a modern and sophisticated style, alongside the Pure range which evokes a selective boutique hotel feel, with decorative and indulgent touches.

Diamond mattress pad product, Mattress Pads & Mattresses | Behrens Home Textiles Supplier, Manchester, United Kingdom

Mattress Pads & Mattresses

A collection of indulgent products, made from premium materials. Careful attention to detail is demonstrated by the aesthetic tailoring which includes piping, sash labels etc..

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Our fabulous, fluffy and cozy comforters are a luxurious, all year round bedding option that is ideal for providing warmth, comfort and indulgence

1000TC luxury pillow product , Behrens England | Behrens Home Textiles Supplier, Manchester, United Kingdom


Choosing the right pillow to suit your needs is a big step towards a good nights sleep. Our collection of luxurious pillows are essential to providing comfort, rest and relaxation.