Basic Fabrics and Bridal Wear


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Basic Fabrics and Bridal Wear

Our collection of off-the roll fabrics contains various basic fabrics, including polyester satin’s, anti-static lining and a number of woven and printed fabrics, providing an extensive range of choice and colour.

Our Bridal fabrics, including satins and organzas, which are available in a wide range of colours, are supplied by the roll and in cut lengths.

We carry considerable stocks of the majority of our basic fabrics which are suitable for most end uses. Competitively priced and available on a next day delivery service, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and excellent service.

Patterns and price lists are available upon request. Please fill in the enquiry form and we will be in touch very shortly to discuss your requirements.


Quality Width Our Ref Make Up
Aida 14 hpi 148cm AS6964 rolls x 10m
Binca 6hpi 53cm AS6965 rolls x 10m
Binca Multi Pack 6 hpi 53cm   5 x 0.5m
Broderie Anglais 137cm AS4619 rolls 13.7m
Calico 97cm AS1260 rolls x 50m
Calico 137cm AS1260 RHW x 30m
Calico 190cm AS1260 RHW x 30m
Calico 248cm AS1260 RHW x 30m
Chiffon 112cm AS4160 rolls x 23m
Cotton Cambric 145cm AS6124 folded x 15m
Cotton Drill Loomstate 160cm AS6837 25m rolls
Cotton plain 112cm AS1043 folded x 12m
Cotton plain 112cm AS1043 rolls x 25m
Cotton plain 150cm AS6060 folded x25m
Cotton Spots 146cm AS5410 folded x 20m
Cotton Spots 146cm AS5411 folded x 20m
Cotton Stripe 146cm AS5412 folded x 20m
Cotton Tartan 146cm AS7286 folded x 15m
Cotton twill 146cm AS7943 folded x 15m
Crystal Organza 146cm AS8136 rolls x 23m
Curtain Lining Blackout 137cm AS6125 folded x 25m
Curtain Lining – poly cotton 274cm AS6838 folded x 50m
Curtain Lining – poly cotton satin 140cm AS6835 folded x 50m
Curtain Lining -poly cotton 140cm AS5000 folded x 50m
Denim 146/8cm AS282 folded x 20m
Dobby Spot 146cm AS164 folded x 20m
Dress Net 150cm AS9667 folded x 40m
Duchess satin 148cm AS6000 rolls x 23m
Felt 150cm AS8346 rolls x 15m
Felt 45cm AS8347 rolls x 5m
Felt 9×9″   10 squares
Fleece 148cm AS9912 folded x 12m
Fusible Interlining 90cm ASWF80 rolls x 30m
Fusible Interlining 90cm ASWF99 rolls x 30m
Fusible Interlining 90cm ASWF86 rolls x 30m
Gingham 1″ 112cm AS8388 rolls x 25m
Gingham 1/4″ 112cm AS2317 rolls x 25m
Gingham 1/8″ 112cm AS5981 rolls x 25m
Hessian 137cm AS7250 rolls 25m
Hessian 182cm AS7250 rolls x 25m
Linen Scrim 91cm AS7 rolls x 25m
Muslin cotton 137cm AS6253 rolls x 50m
Nylon Adhesive Tape 75cm AS7970 rolls x 25m
Nylon Twinkle Organza 112cm AS8137 rolls x 23m
Nylon Twinkle Satin 112cm AS7266 rolls x 23m
Oven Glove wadding 160cm AS7882 rolls x 40m
Poly Cotton Plain 112cm AS621 rolls x 25m
Polyester anti static lining 150m AS7247 folded x 35m
Satin Back Crepe 112cm AS7802 rolls x 23m
Satin Back Dupion 112cm AS7803 rolls x 23m
Sequins 112cm AS5803 rolls x 23m
Sew in interlining 90cm ASWS45 rolls x 30m
Sheeting 274cm AS6416 RHW x 35m
Silk Habutai 90cm AS6145 rolls x 23m
Stiff net 150cm AS2190 folded x 50m
Taffeta (shot) 146cm AS7269 rolls x 30m
Tissue Lame 112cm AS4699 rolls x 23m
Veiling 300cm AS1064 folded x 50m
Veiling 300cm AS7142 folded x 50m
Veiling -Soft 275cm AS8341 folded x 25m
Velcro Receptive 150cm AS6851 folded x 15m
Wadding 70/135/205/270gm 100cm AS7255 rolls x 25m
Wadding 70/135/205/270gm 150cm AS7256 rolls x 25m

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