Behrens - Springtime 9 Lilac
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The Bridgewater Collection is an adaptable and well-considered collection created with six sets of beautifully co-ordinated colours across six versatile designs. All colour groups are interchangeable allowing the creation of subtly colour matched schemes or more colourful complementary combinations. The designs range from semi plains to bold feature florals catering for many different interior design requirements. All designs are available on a selection of base cloths which are competitively priced, available within a short lead-time and with no minimum order quantity.

The base cloth options that this the Bridgewater Collection of designs can be printed on are as follows:

Textured 220grm F/R Polyester Satin 220grm F/R Polyester Dim out F/R Polyester Double sided 220grm F/R Polyester
Bedding weight 145grm F/R polyester Cliniweave 220grm F/R Polyester Waterproof Upholstery Fabric

Click any of the swatches below to view a larger image and more information about the design.


Bloom 9 Lilac

Bloom 8 Grey

Bloom 5 Blue

Bloom 4 Raspberry

Bloom 2 Terracotta


Hampton 9 Lilac

Hampton 8 Grey

Hampton 5 Blue

Hampton 4 Raspberry

Hampton 2 Terracotta


Jefferson 9 Lilac

Jefferson 8 Grey

Jefferson 6 Olive

Jefferson 5 Blue

Jefferson 4 Raspberry

Jefferson 2 Terracotta

Jefferson 1 Stone


Ribbons 9 Lilac

Ribbons 8 Grey

Ribbons 5 Blue

Ribbons 4 Raspberry

Ribbons 2 Terracotta


Serene 10 Gold

Serene 9 Lilac

Serene 8 Grey

Serene 6 Olive

Serene 5 Blue

Serene 4 Raspberry

Serene 2 Terracotta

Serene 1 Stone


Springtime 9 Lilac

Springtime 8 Grey

Springtime 5 Blue

Springtime 4 Raspberry

Springtime 2 Terracotta