Behrens - Tabitha 15 Duckegg
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The Lowry Collection is a set of designs ranging from dramatic feature designs to stripes and semi-plains. All beautifully colour co-ordinated and available on a variety of base cloths. This flexible and usable collection allows you to create your perfect environment from subtle to dramatic, traditional to contemporary.

The base cloth options that this collection of designs can be printed on are as follows:

Textured 220grm F/R Polyester Satin 220grm F/R Polyester Dim out F/R Polyester Double sided 220grm F/R Polyester
Bedding weight 145grm F/R polyester Cliniweave 220grm F/R Polyester Waterproof Upholstery Fabric

Click any of the swatches below to view a larger image and more information about the design.


Anna 15 Duckegg

Anna 6 Apple

Anna 5 Blue

Anna 4 Berry


Bella 15 Duckegg

Bella 6 Apple

Bella 5 Blue

Bella 4 Berry


Celina 15 Duckegg

Celina 9 Lavender

Celina 5 Blue

Celina 4 Berry


Clarissa 15 Duckegg

Clarissa 9 Lavender

Clarissa 5 Blue

Clarissa 4 Berry


Claudia 5 Blue

Claudia 4 Mulberry


Jessica 6 Apple

Jessica 5 Blue


Olivia 25 Teal

Olivia 10 Gold

Olivia 6 Apple

Olivia 5 Blue

Olivia 4 Berry

Olivia 3 Mocha


Tabitha 15 Duckegg

Tabitha 10 Gold

Tabitha 9 Lavender

Tabitha 5 Blue