Behrens - Strata 9 Amethyst
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The Mineral Collection is a delightful new collection created with five sets of beautifully co-ordinated colours across five versatile designs. The designs range from semi plains to bold feature florals catering for many different interior design requirements. All designs are available on a selection of base cloths which are competitively priced, available within a short lead-time and with no minimum order quantity.

Click any of the swatches below to view a larger image and more information about the design.


Avalon 9 Amethyst

Avalon 8 Quartz

Avalon 5 Azure

Avalon 1 Stone

Avalon 2 Amber


Crosshatch 9 Amethyst

Crosshatch 8 Quartz

Crosshatch 6 Jade

Crosshatch 5 Azure

Crosshatch 2 Amber


Crystaline 9 Amethyst

Crystaline 8 Quartz

Crystaline 6 Jade

Crystaline 5 Azure

Crystaline 2 Amber


Honesty 9 Amethyst

Honesty 8 Quartz

Honesty 6 Jade

Honesty 5 Azure

Honesty 2 Amber


Strata 9 Amethyst

Strata 8 Quartz

Strata 6 Jade

Strata 5 Azure

Strata 2 Amber