Behrens - Rose Stripe 16 Moss
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Out Tatton Collection is a sophisticated range of richly coloured textural designs, born out of a need to create depth and contrast in a caring environment, whilst maintaining an exuberant air of elegance.

The Leaf and Rose designs are available as very usable ‘all over’ or broad striped designs, suitable for curtains, bed throws, duvet covers & upholstery. Whilst the flamboyant Eden combines all the colours available in the collection in one breath taking flourish of floral abundance guaranteed to bring joy to any space.

The base cloth options that this collection of designs can be printed on are as follows:

Textured 220grm F/R Polyester Satin 220grm F/R Polyester Dim out F/R Polyester Double sided 220grm F/R Polyester
Bedding weight 145grm F/R polyester Cliniweave 220grm F/R Polyester Waterproof Upholstery Fabric

Click any of the swatches below to view a larger image and more information about the design.


Eden 1 Multi


Leaf 25 Teal

Leaf 19 Mulberry

Leaf 16 Moss

Leaf 15 Navy

Leaf 14 Claret

Leaf 12 Ginger

Leaf 11 Honey

Leaf 3 Chocolate

Leaf Stripe

Leaf Stripe 25 Teal

Leaf Stripe 19 Mulberry

Leaf Stripe 16 Moss

Leaf Stripe 15 Navy

Leaf Stripe 14 Claret

Leaf Stripe 12 Ginger

Leaf Stripe 11 Honey

Leaf Stripe 3 Chocolate


Rose 25 Teal

Rose 19 Mulberry

Rose 16 Moss

Rose 15 Navy

Rose 14 Claret

Rose 12 Ginger

Rose 11 Honey

Rose 3 Chocolate

Rose Stripe

Rose Stripe 16 Moss

Rose Stripe 25 Teal

Rose Stripe 19 Mulberry

Rose Stripe 15 Navy

Rose Stripe 14 Claret

Rose Stripe 12 Ginger

Rose Stripe 11 Honey

Rose Stripe 3 Chocolate

Serene Tatton

Serene 25 Teal

Serene 19 Mulberry

Serene 16 Moss

Serene 15 Navy

Serene 14 Claret

Serene 12 Ginger

Serene 11 Honey

Serene 3 Chocolate