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Black Ila Trouser

Size 4, Size 6, Size 8, Size 10, Size 12, Size 14, Size 16, Size 18, Size 20, Size 22, Size 24, Size 26, Size 28, Size 30, Size 32
Short, Regular, Tall
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Composition: 100% Polyester Soft Twill
Gender: Female
  • Concealed elasticated waistband
  • Pockets at sides
  • Slim leg trouser
  • High waist
  • Front zip fastening
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GreySize 4ShortBEH-LBILAGR0428
GreySize 4RegularBEH-LBILAGR0430
GreySize 4TallBEH-LBILAGR0433
GreySize 6ShortBEH-LBILAGR0628
GreySize 6RegularBEH-LBILAGR0630
GreySize 6TallBEH-LBILAGR0633
GreySize 8ShortBEH-LBILAGR0828
GreySize 8RegularBEH-LBILAGR0830
GreySize 8TallBEH-LBILAGR0833
GreySize 10ShortBEH-LBILAGR1028
GreySize 10RegularBEH-LBILAGR1030
GreySize 10TallBEH-LBILAGR1033
GreySize 12ShortBEH-LBILAGR1228
GreySize 12RegularBEH-LBILAGR1230
GreySize 12TallBEH-LBILAGR1233
GreySize 14ShortBEH-LBILAGR1428
GreySize 14RegularBEH-LBILAGR1430
GreySize 14TallBEH-LBILAGR1433
GreySize 16ShortBEH-LBILAGR1628
GreySize 16RegularBEH-LBILAGR1630
GreySize 16TallBEH-LBILAGR1633
GreySize 18ShortBEH-LBILAGR1828
GreySize 18RegularBEH-LBILAGR1830
GreySize 18TallBEH-LBILAGR1833
GreySize 20ShortBEH-LBILAGR2028
GreySize 20RegularBEH-LBILAGR2030
GreySize 20TallBEH-LBILAGR2033
GreySize 22ShortBEH-LBILAGR2228
GreySize 22RegularBEH-LBILAGR2230
GreySize 22TallBEH-LBILAGR2233
GreySize 24ShortBEH-LBILAGR2428
GreySize 24RegularBEH-LBILAGR2430
GreySize 24TallBEH-LBILAGR2433
GreySize 26TallBEH-LBILAGR2633
GreySize 28TallBEH-LBILAGR2833
GreySize 30TallBEH-LBILAGR3033
GreySize 32TallBEH-LBILAGR3233
BlackSize 4ShortBEH-LBILABK0428
BlackSize 4RegularBEH-LBILABK0430
BlackSize 4TallBEH-LBILABK0433
BlackSize 6ShortBEH-LBILABK0628
BlackSize 6RegularBEH-LBILABK0630
BlackSize 6TallBEH-LBILABK0633
BlackSize 8ShortBEH-LBILABK0828
BlackSize 8RegularBEH-LBILABK0830
BlackSize 8TallBEH-LBILABK0833
BlackSize 10ShortBEH-LBILABK1028
BlackSize 10RegularBEH-LBILABK1030
BlackSize 10TallBEH-LBILABK1033
BlackSize 12ShortBEH-LBILABK1228
BlackSize 12RegularBEH-LBILABK1230
BlackSize 12TallBEH-LBILABK1233
BlackSize 14ShortBEH-LBILABK1428
BlackSize 14RegularBEH-LBILABK1430
BlackSize 14TallBEH-LBILABK1433
BlackSize 16ShortBEH-LBILABK1628
BlackSize 16RegularBEH-LBILABK1630
BlackSize 16TallBEH-LBILABK1633
BlackSize 18ShortBEH-LBILABK1828
BlackSize 18RegularBEH-LBILABK1830
BlackSize 18TallBEH-LBILABK1833
BlackSize 20ShortBEH-LBILABK2028
BlackSize 20RegularBEH-LBILABK2030
BlackSize 20TallBEH-LBILABK2033
BlackSize 22ShortBEH-LBILABK2228
BlackSize 22RegularBEH-LBILABK2230
BlackSize 22TallBEH-LBILABK2233
BlackSize 24ShortBEH-LBILABK2428
BlackSize 24RegularBEH-LBILABK2430
BlackSize 24TallBEH-LBILABK2433
BlackSize 26TallBEH-LBILABK2633
BlackSize 28TallBEH-LBILABK2833
BlackSize 30TallBEH-LBILABK3033
BlackSize 32TallBEH-LBILABK3233
PlumSize 4ShortBEH-LBILAPM0428
PlumSize 4RegularBEH-LBILAPM0430
PlumSize 4TallBEH-LBILAPM0433
PlumSize 6ShortBEH-LBILAPM0628
PlumSize 6RegularBEH-LBILAPM0630
PlumSize 6TallBEH-LBILAPM0633
PlumSize 8ShortBEH-LBILAPM0828
PlumSize 8RegularBEH-LBILAPM0830
PlumSize 8TallBEH-LBILAPM0833
PlumSize 10ShortBEH-LBILAPM1028
PlumSize 10RegularBEH-LBILAPM1030
PlumSize 10TallBEH-LBILAPM1033
PlumSize 12ShortBEH-LBILAPM1228
PlumSize 12RegularBEH-LBILAPM1230
PlumSize 12TallBEH-LBILAPM1233
PlumSize 14ShortBEH-LBILAPM1428
PlumSize 14RegularBEH-LBILAPM1430
PlumSize 14TallBEH-LBILAPM1433
PlumSize 16ShortBEH-LBILAPM1628
PlumSize 16RegularBEH-LBILAPM1630
PlumSize 16TallBEH-LBILAPM1633
PlumSize 18ShortBEH-LBILAPM1828
PlumSize 18RegularBEH-LBILAPM1830
PlumSize 18TallBEH-LBILAPM1833
PlumSize 20ShortBEH-LBILAPM2028
PlumSize 20RegularBEH-LBILAPM2030
PlumSize 20TallBEH-LBILAPM2033
PlumSize 22ShortBEH-LBILAPM2228
PlumSize 22RegularBEH-LBILAPM2230
PlumSize 22TallBEH-LBILAPM2233
PlumSize 24ShortBEH-LBILAPM2428
PlumSize 24RegularBEH-LBILAPM2430
PlumSize 24TallBEH-LBILAPM2433
PlumSize 26ShortBEH-LBILAPM2628
PlumSize 26RegularBEH-LBILAPM2630
PlumSize 26TallBEH-LBILAPM2633
PlumSize 28ShortBEH-LBILAPM2828
PlumSize 28RegularBEH-LBILAPM2830
PlumSize 28TallBEH-LBILAPM2833
PlumSize 30ShortBEH-LBILAPM3028
PlumSize 30TallBEH-LBILAPM3033
PlumSize 32ShortBEH-LBILAPM3228
PlumSize 32RegularBEH-LBILAPM3230
PlumSize 32TallBEH-LBILAPM3233
SageSize 4ShortBEH-LBILASGE0428
SageSize 4RegularBEH-LBILASGE0430
SageSize 4TallBEH-LBILASGE0433
SageSize 6ShortBEH-LBILASGE0628
SageSize 6RegularBEH-LBILASGE0630
SageSize 6TallBEH-LBILASGE0633
SageSize 8ShortBEH-LBILASGE0828
SageSize 8RegularBEH-LBILASGE0830
SageSize 8TallBEH-LBILASGE0833
SageSize 10ShortBEH-LBILASGE1028
SageSize 10RegularBEH-LBILASGE1030
SageSize 10TallBEH-LBILASGE1033
SageSize 12ShortBEH-LBILASGE1228
SageSize 12RegularBEH-LBILASGE1230
SageSize 12TallBEH-LBILASGE1233
SageSize 14ShortBEH-LBILASGE1428
SageSize 14RegularBEH-LBILASGE1430
SageSize 14TallBEH-LBILASGE1433
SageSize 16ShortBEH-LBILASGE1628
SageSize 16RegularBEH-LBILASGE1630
SageSize 16TallBEH-LBILASGE1633
SageSize 18ShortBEH-LBILASGE1828
SageSize 18RegularBEH-LBILASGE1830
SageSize 18TallBEH-LBILASGE1833
SageSize 20ShortBEH-LBILASGE2028
SageSize 20RegularBEH-LBILASGE2030
SageSize 20TallBEH-LBILASGE2033
SageSize 22ShortBEH-LBILASGE2228
SageSize 22RegularBEH-LBILASGE2230
SageSize 22TallBEH-LBILASGE2233
SageSize 24ShortBEH-LBILASGE2428
SageSize 24RegularBEH-LBILASGE2430
SageSize 24TallBEH-LBILASGE2433
SageSize 26TallBEH-LBILASGE2633
SageSize 28TallBEH-LBILASGE2833
SageSize 30TallBEH-LBILASGE3033
SageSize 32TallBEH-LBILASGE3233
NavySize 4ShortBEH-LBILANX0428
NavySize 4RegularBEH-LBILANX0430
NavySize 4TallBEH-LBILANX0433
NavySize 6ShortBEH-LBILANX0628
NavySize 6RegularBEH-LBILANX0630
NavySize 6TallBEH-LBILANX0633
NavySize 8ShortBEH-LBILANX0828
NavySize 8RegularBEH-LBILANX0830
NavySize 8TallBEH-LBILANX0833
NavySize 10ShortBEH-LBILANX1028
NavySize 10RegularBEH-LBILANX1030
NavySize 10TallBEH-LBILANX1033
NavySize 12ShortBEH-LBILANX1228
NavySize 12RegularBEH-LBILANX1230
NavySize 12TallBEH-LBILANX1233
NavySize 14ShortBEH-LBILANX1428
NavySize 14RegularBEH-LBILANX1430
NavySize 14TallBEH-LBILANX1433
NavySize 16ShortBEH-LBILANX1628
NavySize 16RegularBEH-LBILANX1630
NavySize 16TallBEH-LBILANX1633
NavySize 18ShortBEH-LBILANX1828
NavySize 18RegularBEH-LBILANX1830
NavySize 18TallBEH-LBILANX1833
NavySize 20ShortBEH-LBILANX2028
NavySize 20RegularBEH-LBILANX2030
NavySize 20TallBEH-LBILANX2033
NavySize 22ShortBEH-LBILANX2228
NavySize 22RegularBEH-LBILANX2230
NavySize 22TallBEH-LBILANX2233
NavySize 24ShortBEH-LBILANX2428
NavySize 24RegularBEH-LBILANX2430
NavySize 24TallBEH-LBILANX2433
NavySize 26TallBEH-LBILANX2633
NavySize 28TallBEH-LBILANX2833
NavySize 30TallBEH-LBILANX3033
NavySize 32TallBEH-LBILANX3233

Size Guide

Size 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32
Waist (cm) 66.5 71.5 76.5 81.5 86.5 91.5 96.5 101.5 106.5 111.5 116.5 121.5 126.5 131.5 136.5
Hips (cm) 87 92 97 102 107 112 117 122 127 132 137 142 147 152 157
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